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HTML Web Development

Want to combine the stability and performance of native applications with the reach of the web? Try HTML5 application development

Do you dream of providing your users a fast, responsive, secure, beautiful, experience for your product, service or website across multiple platforms?

Consider using HTML5.

HTML5 is a significant improvement on the HTML standard that drives a lot of the web. It allows you to

-Describe the content better thanks to semantic elements.
-Have more options in presentation like improved 2D and 3D effects.
-Support video and audio playback without third party plug-ins.
-Play with a number of layout and styling options thanks to CSS3 and jQuery.
-Store data both on the device and server to improve performance.
-Use the same codebase to develop device independent sites and apps.

When it comes to usage HTML5 apps don’t have the “download and install” barrier.

The HTML5 standard is supported by all the latest versions of the dominant desktop and mobile browsers

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