Here is what is new in sERP

Fee Receipt Mode:

This new mode is designed to provide two way of receipt number generation based on the individual preferences. When collecting fees using Pay all Fees, you can choose between the two modes:

  • Single Receipt Number: This mode generates a single receipt number for all the collections in the transaction
  • Multiple Receipt Number: This mode generates one receipt number for each collection in the transaction.

Attendance Transfer:

Maintaining the attendance manually is a time taking process besides that it is sometimes prone to error also. In most of the institution till now the attendance has handled manually and it becomes hassling for teachers, when an unexpected situation arises like when student want to change their existing batch. In such scenario, there is a probability that loopholes may arise in the academic records. To overcome such problems sERP has come up with attendance transfer feature

When transferring students from one batch to another, this new feature allows transfer of attendance to the new batch. Use this feature when the attendance records do not need to remain in the old batch, like when shuffling between batches of a class.

What is enhanced in sERP

  • Skip and override exams in Gradebook

Gradebook now supports the option to change the maximum marks for individual subjects in an exam. Individual subject exams in a group can be skipped when needed and still be connected to the term exams. There are also important bug fixes and improvements.

Changes include:

  • Manage exams now called manage gradebook to differentiate from the old examination module
  • Derived exams can be calculated from manage gradebook page
  • Term exam and derived exam results can be calculated even after skipping exams for some subjects.


  • Transport assignment UI change

The new transport assignment page is designed to ease the way students are assigned to vehicles. Assignment now happens inside the vehicle page and shows all available users in the batch/department. This change allows users to assign and change routes for students and employees faster.

  • News UI change

A better user interface is always led to the effective communication and encourage the enhanced engagement for the user. Keeping all these things in mind we have redesigned the UI of the news home page so that students find it more interactive and become adaptive of this module to acquire the institution updates additionally work on the readability factor also. This new change showcase the news items in a neat table in the homepage of the module.

  • Father/Mother in Custom Report

Custom Student Reports now have Father and Mother as two sections along with all parents and immediate contact. This will enable the taking of faster reports with father/mother details.