sERP 3.6.3 comes with many new features and enhancements to existing features. Here is a quick primer on the changes:

New Features

Import Marks and Planner

Upload marks in bulk for an exam using this new feature in Gradebook. To upload marks for an exam, go to  Manage Exams > Import Marks in the Actions menu. Click on Download Mark Sheet to get the CSV file format with the student names and subjects. Enter the marks against each subject or activity and upload the file. The Import log shows the list of imports and their status.

Import planner allows to easily set up the planner for a new academic year. Go to Gradebook > Exam Planners > Import Planner to select the planners and details to import. Click on Import Exam Planner to finish the import.

Reports Centre

The all new reports centre provide all grade-book reports at one place.

  1. Student Reports: Report of each student for a particular exam, term or planner.
  2.  Subject Reports: Subject-wise report an exam  for students in a batch
  3. Consolidated Reports: Exam-wise report of all subjects in a batch with details like Average marks, highest marks and student rank.

Leave Balance Report

Generate the leave balance report for a selected duration. It will have the opening leave balance, leaves added, leaves taken and remaining leave count.

Custom Words

This feature allows institutions to enable variations of commonly used words in sERP with their own variations.

Enhancements to Existing Features

Gradebook enter marks

Subject teachers and batch tutors have the privilege to enter marks for their subjects or batch in Gradebook.

Pay all fees

The pay all fees page in sERP now has options to add discount and fine of collections.

Custom Import

Changes are done in Custom Import to improve the bulk upload of data:

  1. Increase in maximum number of rows that can be uploaded at once from 200 to 1000
  2. Instruction page with examples added to imports, mandatory fields marked by * in CSV file
  3. Student import now also includes Guardian details.

Leave management

  1. Leave reset by Leave Group and Type
  2. Employee leave balance can be edited during admission
  3. Leave group show applicable leaves in profile

Student Records

CSV export of student records added


Library fine receipt feature added

Fee Receipts

PDF export of fee receipts added