The Definitive Advantages & Disadvantages of School ERP Software

We live in a world where technology is now omnipresent – it has entirely changed the way we live, for the better. The field of education is no exception. We see new ways of using technology every day to deliver education in increasingly personalized ways. Those who were in classrooms not too long ago will be befuddled to see the technologies and platforms young scholars and their educators are increasingly familiar with today.

But it isn’t just students and teachers who have had their experiences changed by education technology, but also the non-education staff. The management of educational institutions has been made possible by different types of school ERP software, like sERP, hitting the market. The
implementation of this school ERP software has been revolutionizing institutional management in a variety of ways, helping institutions improve operations which has a trickle-down effect to easing the imparting of education to young minds.

ERP software is not a new concept. ERPs were being used extensively in major corporations across some of the biggest industries to ease management processes. With the development of technology and widespread demand for computing concepts, the use for technological
solutions has increased for tedious, time-consuming or labor-intensive processed – it is no different for the field of education. It is to answer this demand that the school ERP software was created.

ERPs over traditional system of management

But what gives school ERP software the edge over traditional methods of management? At the very outset, better time management and increased efficiency place the software ahead of most traditional methods. For instance, managing funds in an institution and tracking them into a report when done manually is time and labor intensive and prone to error. With school ERP software like sERP, however, specialists can help you set up a personalized system that will suit your school’s individual requirements, while also performing masterfully at scale.
sERPcan also manage other school ERP software functions like inventory, HR, finance and other services that are complex in nature. Implementation of the right school ERP software can ensure an institution function at its maximum potential.

School ERP software – The sERP Advantage

School ERP software has a lot to offer.

Cost effective:

Perhaps the most prominent advantage of using school ERP software in
education is the financial factor. Basic campus management requires a lot of manpower to manage things like fee collection, the grueling admission process, etc. When this management is done online, a lot is saved on the finance sector which can be used for other useful purposes. Saving on man hours literally means saving on costs!

Better organization of data:

School ERP software enables you to organize your data the way you want. School ERP software gives you a lot of ways to organize your institution’s
data and let you manage it more effectively. Data is managed well and available with a single click of a mouse with sERP.

Data is secured:

Data or information stored on web servers are far more secure than that stored physically on shelves. The data stored in your school ERP software is backed up on servers, and your information is preserved. This is the distinct sERP advantage over dusty shelves and piles of folders handed down from generation to generation.

More automated administration:

Before school ERP software came into play, the administration was implemented only by using immense manpower, with all its possible shortcomings. From human error to a lack of accountability, this outmoded way of managing processes was a burden on educational institutions. With school ERP software, however, these flaws disappear. sERP makes managing important administration processes like fee collection, library books, admission list a breeze, largely unaffected by unreliable manpower.

A quicker management process:

Education school ERP software quickens the entire process of institutional management to a great extent. All you need to do is wait for the implementation of the school ERP software and you are set for a management experience like never before. Be it the admission process of an entirely new batch of students or generating customized reports on a particular batch – school ERP software like sERP gets it done in minutes.

More focus on education:

Teachers whose time was dominated by tedious attendance calls in class or filling up the mark sheet after every exam can now focus on the task
they are truly here for – teaching!

Any teacher will tell you that a solid foundation leads to superlative results. Things are no different when it comes to your school ERP software.

The limitations of school ERP software

The primary reason we experience failure of school ERP software use due to an error in choice or set up. Robust yet user-friendly school ERP software like sERP is hard to come by. Making an uninformed choice can result in poor experiences. What are the others?

  • One failure of school ERP software in education can be measured in terms of
    achievement of Return on Investment (ROI). When the school ERP software
    implementation doesn’t yield enough ROI, it can seen as a failure.
  • The cost of school ERP software, its planning, customization, configuration, and implementation might be overwhelming for financially challenged schools. While school ERP software is a long term investment, schools suffering from short term funding crunches might have to wait to capitalise on this technology.
  • Unlike user-friendly sERP, most school ERP software is difficult to learn and use. With complicated user interface that requires thorough user training, it requires complete participation of users.

Let’s assume you have purchased the right school ERP software for you – but it’s still not working out.

Ineffective use of school ERP software can be avoided! The time has come for all educational institutions to get smarter. Re-organize the management systems of your institutions to match the evolving technology in every aspect
of life.