Make the enrollment process hassle free with school management system

Advantages of using school management system for enrollement Waste less time on mechanical process Set the tone to build an environmentally conscious scholar Ensure easy accessibility through technology More secure record management made possible Is Enrollment the same as Admissions? School admission is one of the most stressful and panic-inducing processes for everyone in the […]

How to Host a Virtual Summit in 60 days – The Complete Guide

Steps to host successful Virtual Summit Goal of the summit Topic & Theme of the summit Live or Recorded Tech Tools Deciding the date Asset require to promote a summit List building of speakers Outreach & communication & more… Intro & highlights of our first virtual summit In marketing industry, we see emerging trends & […]

How does school management software help institute in saving money?

First and foremost a school management software system can reduce a lot of the paper thus help you save a lot of money that you can spend for other fruitful purposes. With the help of this system, a school can easily stop paper-based processes that are needed for various tasks. Some examples of such tasks […]

Why Does Your Institute Need An Attendance Management System?

Understanding the benefits of an attendance management system in educational institutes One of the foremost memories that all of us have of school is the morning attendance, where the teachers would ceremoniously call out to our names, while we replied in affirmation to prove our attendance. A long and tedious routine, in colleges, many of […]

Why must School ERP have Document Management System?

Does your School ERP System need one? What is a document management system? As the name might suggest, a document management system is a feature or plugin helps in managing the institution’s documents. These can range from a student’s homework assignment waiting to be graded by a teacher to confidential report cards being archived for […]

Significance of IoT in Education

Learn how this new tech impacts your school What is IoT? IoT stands for the Internet of Things. It refers to a network of physical devices (other than the usual laptops, mobile phones, computers, etc.) that help integrate the physical world with the internet through the exchange of information. Essentially, it results in more seamless […]

What Are The Benefits Of Fees Management System In Educational Institutions?

The fee collection process in school and colleges is a complex procedure as the fee structure for every student and every class is different. Using a manual procedure leaves ample opportunity for human error, making an already complex process more tedious and challenging, This is the reason that many educational institutes are moving towards an […]

Guide To Choose The Right School Employee Management System

Understanding the Why and How of selecting a school employee management system In a school or college setting, the staff and employee team not only consist of teachers and principals, but it also includes many behind-the-scenes heroes such as the administration teams, support staff, librarians, IT teams, peons, cleaners, security teams – the list can […]

Technology in The Classroom: Decoding the Pros and Cons

Technology can often be compared to a double-edged sword. It can be leveraged as a powerful tool to educate, liberate and illuminate people, but if not used well, the same tools of technology can distract people, veering them away from their goals and aims. Similarly, in a classroom, introducing technology to students has many pros […]

Why We Need Digital Signage in Schools

Communications and Community in School Schools are not just a room with a roof where students go to take steps – for these young scholars, school is their entire world. School is not an avenue in which one-way information dissemination takes place. Schools have a huge impact on our personalities, outlook and often are the […]

Top 10 TED Talks in education

We all know that Ted Talks are the most influencing and inspiring videos by the eminent speakers from various industry but when it comes to education the following talks by inspiring teachers hits first in the mind: 1. Rita Pierson – Every kid needs a champion This featured Rita Pierson. She has been a teacher […]

Simple Guidelines To Improve Teaching Quality and Effectiveness In The Classroom

Today, we live and function in a digital era where students are constantly exposed to the latest trends in technology and media. When teaching these new-age students, it becomes important for teachers to be flexible and find new ways to improve their teaching quality. This not only helps them to be more effective in the […]

The Role of School Management Software in Student Privacy & Data Security

Has your school management software got everything on lockdown? What is data security? Data security is the protection of data, usually in digital form, from unauthorized or unwanted access, use, and dissemination. It is the protection of private information from possibly malicious entities. In this digital day and age, data security is of paramount importance. […]

School management software with batch management system

There are several ways in which a school management system can help a school take proper care of the batches of students that it has. For example, with the help of the dashboard facility schools can show the latest information in areas such as the following: news events discussions birthdays leave applications Sending messages These school management software systems […]

Top 10 things you can do on school ERP software apps

There are so many things that you can do as a school on the school ERP (enterprise resource planning) software apps these days. One of the first such things is tracking the activities of school buses. With the help of such software, it is possible for both schools and parents to keep track of the […]

Why Should Data Analysis Be a Part of School ERP Software?

What is Data Analysis? Data analysis is the cleaning, processing, and manipulation of data in order to arrive at conclusions, unearth trends, or support business decisions with reliable data. There are many forms of data analysis – new techniques and methods emerge daily that enable institutions to understand their ecosystems more widely and deeply. Understanding […]

Top 10 things the parents expect from the school

The first thing that parents expect from the school is the happiness of their children. It is very important that the school is able to create an environment where learning is encouraged. This also means that children should fall in love with the very idea of learning itself. This prompts them to want to learn […]

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) To The Classroom!

What is Bring Your Own Device or BYOD? As the name might suggest, Bring Your Own Device is an education policy per which students are allowed to bring their own personal tech device to school to use in school or curriculum related activities. Something as simple as bringing your personal laptop that you use at […]

Why should an admission management system be part of your institution this academic year?

Streamline and simplify your institute’s admissions with an admission management system In every academic year, the admission period is a limited season that often causes stress, chaos and confusion. This is especially evident in educational institutes that work with a manual admission process where a team of educators are made responsible for the entire admission process […]

Teachers vs Technology: Can Technology Replace Teachers?

The role of education technology is continuously expanding – from projectors from the early days to smart boards that enable increased interaction between teacher and students in the classroom. We are saying various aspects of education technology becoming an inherent part of the educational experience for students, teachers, parents, and management alike. There are, of […]

What Is The Future Of School Management Software Apps In Institutions?

Over the past few years,  school management software has transformed the way schools and educational institutions across the world function. The influence of digital technologies and smart apps are making schools far more advanced them ever before. Today students are benefitting from concepts such as adaptive learning, flipped classroom, blended learning – all thanks to the influx […]

How data driven decisions lead institute’s toward success?

Research has proven again that if schools use data in order to drive their instructional decisions it can actually help the students to perform a lot better in their academic careers. It is very tough for educators to analyse the progress of the students from a single assignment/test. They need to assess the students in such […]

Enhance The Quality of Your Teaching With Learning Analytics

Learning analytics will help shape your student’s progress Teaching and learning technology is progressing at a rapid rate in 2018. In today’s educational ecosystem, if you are not adept at using technology in the classroom, you will be left behind. This is evident from the increased role of personalised education to tools that bring quality […]

School ERP system to manage the library automation

There are several ways in which the top-notch school ERP (enterprise resource planning) software would be able to help the schools with library management automation such as it allows the users can browse the book through the availability of catalogue option and identify the books that would have to be issued. It helps in tracking the books […]

Decoding the Concept of Scalability in a School Management System

Scalability in the technical sense can best be described as the ability of software or a network to grow and keep pace with the increased growth and subsequent demands of the organisation. One of the biggest advances of investing in a scalable software is that you can be assured that the software you have invested […]

Top 10 ways to tackle stress during examination time

How to make taking exams a less nerve-wracking aspect of your life Everyone remembers the special experience of taking exams. Even though most adults are veterans of the process, it still strikes fear into the hearts of many. The proof is in the pudding – grown-ups still get nervous about interviews, that are nothing but […]

Is school management software a worthy investment to increase your ROI?

Effective Implementation of Digital transformation through school management software can have a positive impact on ROI Return On Investment (ROI) is a financial term that measures and denotes profitability in percentage. It measures the amount of return on an investment, relative to the investment cost.  Return on Investment can be used to evaluate the efficiency […]

Advantages & Disadvantages of Cloud Based School ERP Software

What is your school ERP software bringing to the table? Cloud-Based school ERP software is slowly becoming a vital part of the educational ecosystem. It is not too long before one will open up the newspaper in the morning to find entire districts that boast of being run 100% on cloud-based school ERP software. In […]

Artificial Intelligence in education – How it improves the learning experience?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is now a part of our lives whether we know it or not, and whether we accept it or not. It has risen to such a status over the years in a slow but steady manner. Everything that we do like buying clothes and shoes on the internet as well as watching […]

School management software to manage the chaos during peak admission season

School Management Software to ease the admission process for schools and parents School admission season is just around the corner and for schools and educational institutes, this is one of the busiest seasons of the year. During this season all departments in the school find themselves burdened with by cumbersome processes and manual paperwork as […]

How Can Blockchain Technology Be Used in Our Schools?

This is not just a new sensational buzzword for geeks If you have received a WhatsApp forward, read a newspaper, or been on the internet in any form in the last few months, you would have come across a mysterious new word – blockchain. What is Blockchain Technology? Blockchain, simply put, is linked records that […]

School ERP system with online examination management

These days, plenty of schools out there are using school enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems that come with online examination management system facilities. The main aim of using these systems is to make sure that it is easier to conduct these examinations – this also means that the entire experience is a lot better than […]

Boon or bane the usage of mobile phone for students?

It is needless to say that this is the day and age of technology. The most evident example of that is the proliferation of smartphones. Everyone has one. Even children are proudly flashing their smartphones these days and using them at all times. In almost all cases, these smartphones are being given to them by […]

Advantages Of Managing Gradebooks With Student Management System

Exam grades serve as more than just numbers ranking the performance of students in a school. A gradebook is a reflection of the work that has been done in the classroom. It echoes the learning that the students have experienced and serves as a launch pad for the coming academic. It also gives an accurate […]

School ERP Software to manage Report Center System

Find out the difference the sERP School ERP Software Can Make Data – a key advantage of School ERP Software The use of school ERP software in automating processes, reducing human error and eliminating labour costs has been discussed extensively on the sERP blog. But there is another, albeit more silent factor, that is at […]

School ERP System to manage and enhance Parent-Teacher Communication

Technology has changed the way that schools communicate with parents. While a few years ago – the school diary was the only way for teachers to update parents about school activities. However, today the web-based school management software has created an array of tools to enable teachers to interact with parents and create an advantageous […]

What is Online School Management System? Some key features you must know

You wake up to the buzz of the alarm from your phone, check for news, before figuring out the best route to your destination using Google Maps. You stay connected with friends and family through messaging services and when you get home, you wind down by watching your favorite show thanks to your chosen streaming […]

Top 5 hacks to skyrocket your institute’s productivity

Productivity is not just the art of doing things in the fastest way possible, but it also entails doing things in the most efficient manner to get the best results This essential skill is the need of the hour for school, colleges, and other educational institutes. This is because schools need to put in additional […]

Do You Need School ERP Software?

The Definitive Advantages & Disadvantages of School ERP Software We live in a world where technology is now omnipresent – it has entirely changed the way we live, for the better. The field of education is no exception. We see new ways of using technology every day to deliver education in increasingly personalized ways. Those […]

Parents involvement in education using school management software

Education begins at home. You can’t blame the school for not putting into your child what you don’t put into him. -Geoffrey Holder Parents assistance in learning activities at home has always been the critical factor for a  child’s education. The proper and effective communication between parents and educational institution leads to improved learning outcomes […]

The Role of a School Management System in K-12 Education

Every student benefits from the right school management system Education has been imparted for generations now. From the time of Plato in ancient Greece passing down his teachings to a select group of scholars worthy of such knowledge to the more equitable access to education we aim for today, education continues to grow and change […]

Union budget 2018 and it’s impact on education sector

Govt to increase digital intensity in education. Technology to be the biggest driver in improving quality of education: said by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley” Introduction of Indian Union budget 2018 in India education sector Education is the backbone of every country. It is a key through which a country’s economic condition can be reformed and […]

Why school management system is the most trending thing in education industry

Automate institutes daily operations using trending technology There are several reasons as to why school management systems have become the latest cool quotient in the world of education. Managing a school has always been tougher and with every passing day, one can only guess, it is only getting even tougher. The pinch is perhaps felt […]

Should school management software be institutionalized

Why we need government support for School Management Software School management software is becoming an increasingly ubiquitous piece of technology for modern institutions in India and beyond. But when we take a look at education policy in the country applications of education technology are disappointingly limited. Critics may argue that this is because India, as […]

Selecting School Management Software for 2018?

8 Questions You Must Ask Before Making a Decision Deloitte’s Bersin has forecast that in 2018 that money spent on school management systems (SMS) by schools would increase by 21 percent in 2018. The aggregate budget expected in this domain is supposed to be in the region of 2.5 billion dollars. In fact, in the […]

How school management system helps institutes in 2018?

2018 is a new year for the world of education not just in the literal sense of the term but from the point of view of trends that are going to be a prominent part of the industry this year as well. It is true that you have to mandatorily mark the fact that a […]

School Management Software Trends for 2018

Features to look forward to in school management software Trends are not merely the realm of industries and cultures, but also the technology that carries them to people. In the last few years, we have seen an increasing shift towards automation of processes in the field of education. Whether it is computer-based tests, admissions portals, […]

How technology can help schools run more efficiently?

As any experienced educator will know, school life is extremely fast-paced and complicated. That is why it is important to introduce efficiency measures whenever possible. This will help staff members to manage their extensive workloads and to feel supported by their school. It will also ensure parents and students alike are able to have their […]

Future ​Ready: ​The ​Role ​of ​Tomorrow’s School ERP

Anticipating tomorrow’s needs today for your school ERP Over the last two weeks, we have focused on a few problems a robust school ERP can solve for you and the features to look for when choosing the right school ERP for your specific institution. These problems and solutions have been comprehensive – and they have […]

Paperless Solution: School ERP System

Reduce the carbon footprints by introducing the ERP system in your institution It does not really matter if your school is big or small. It needs to maintain data on a consistent basis and make sure that the entire process done in an impeccable manner as well. All the activities being done in the school […]

ERP for school: One step forward in education technologies

Thanks to the online software tools available these days such as ERP for school the process of school management has reached the 21st century, so to speak. The biggest benefit of this system is that it makes administrative works of a school really easy and it is possible for the schools to run the system […]

How to Safely Use School Management Software

School Management Software onboarding is an avenue to teach cyber-security With the rapid growth in educational technology, this sector becomes increasingly vulnerable to data and security breaches. This includes school management software. From scam e-mails sent to entire classes from their “teacher” to the leaking of sensitive student information to malicious elements, school management software […]

GCC VAT 2018: Impacts of VAT on educational sector in GCC countries

VAT will roll out in GCC countries from 1st January 2018. Is your institution ready for it? This blog has been prepared to provide a general overview of why the VAT has been introduced in GCC countries and how the VAT will affect the education sector in different countries. Along with that in end, you […]

How school management software transforming institution experience?

This is the day and age of increasing use of technology and as such one of the biggest examples, in this case, is the present day school management software used by most schools. One of the biggest advantages of such software is that these systems are cloud-based. This means that you can get access to […]

sERP 3.6.1 Release Notes

What’s new in sERP Here is the list of new features included with this release of sERP 3.6.1 Feature Description User Role Module Fee Receipt Mode The fee receipt mode allows you to select how receipt numbers are generated during pay all fees.Single Receipt Number: This mode generates a single receipt number for all the […]

sERP 3.6.1

Here is what is new in sERP Fee Receipt Mode: This new mode is designed to provide two way of receipt number generation based on the individual preferences. When collecting fees using Pay all Fees, you can choose between the two modes: Single Receipt Number: This mode generates a single receipt number for all the […]

How School Management Software Help With Task Management?

Increase efficiency in schools with your school management software At some point a human looked up from their social media feed, in the middle of their workday, and thought, “Hey, wouldn’t it be great if I could have some kind of tool that would motivate me to actually do the things I need to do […]

4 Important Attributes In School Management Software

Every time a new online school management software is deployed in an institution, the school management holds up an immediate meeting with the school admins and the major end users to start using the application to its full potential. It is often believed that the application will be able to provide software solutions to all […]

Manage employee’s additional leave and loss of pay using school management software

Maintaining a whole payroll structure is in itself is a labour-some task for the HR professionals and when it comes to keeping a track on employee’s additional leaves, which is subjected to LOP (loss of pay) category, it becomes troublesome task for the HR Department. In such scenarios, the possibility of an error arises while […]

Using School Management Software To Build Safer Schools

School Management Software is making mere watchmen obsolete Remember the days of yore with your friendly watchman at the one school gate that you knew by name and seemed to have a radar for mischief anywhere on campus? Throw in a formidable principal, an eagle-eyed librarian, and a physical education teacher who looked like he […]

Enhance parent’s engagement in digital age with school management system

If as a parent you are struggling to keep your head up with various academic issues related to your child the best thing that you would need school management system. These days, life has become really fast and speedy, and as such parents find it really hard to be on top of each and every […]

How to Become Involved in School Construction and Management

If you’re passionate about education, you might be thinking about founding your own school or educational institution, or you may be wondering about the initial construction process or ongoing management requirements. These are all pertinent concerns when you’re getting ready to tackle the task of building or managing a school, particularly if you’re going to […]

Grow Easily Using Online School Management Software

Online School Management Software enables managed expansion Over the last few weeks, we have had extensive discussions on the sERP blog how online school management software can be a boon to schools seeking to better manage themselves to the benefit of a comprehensive set of stakeholders. Specifically, we have considered the types of problems online […]